Moving Madness

Moving can be a trying time – especially for the plants we love! Our move, before this last one, was very traumatic for the plants – two days of being trapped in a CJ-5 Jeep with moderately drying airflow (difficult to avoid in an old rattle trap from 1973) and plastic windows acting like an extreme greenhouse on wheels.  Squashed in, like bugs in a rug, the plants bounced and jimmied all the way from Portland, Oregon to Park City, Utah.  Not to mention the fact that there wasn’t enough water to keep everyone hydrated on the trip despite some effort on my part (including, but not limited to, the staunch protests from the hubby about plants leaking on the old bugger).  

Despite the stress, many of the plants just lost a leaf or two – mostly from browning or sun singe.  They also recovered quite well, considering.  However, the orchids faired the worst, taking several months to grow a new leaf and some giving up on life.  I think they were just driven to ominous quiescence and unfortunately, after 8 months or so in this new dry climate, I gave up and sent them to their final resting spot.

After a year & a half, we have moved to our own place and again, needed to transport the wobbly green monsters to the new home.  It was a truck ride full of plants, packed in like rows of orderly soldiers.  Up the mountain and into the new house – the fun beginning when I got to move everyone to their likely location; only to be switched up here & there.  So far, everyone has opened up in the sunny locale, spread their leaves to take in the new space and some have even gone so far as to flower.  It’s only been a few weeks, but this time ’round, they seem to have come out of their moving stupor more easily & less stressed.

…. note to self: make sure plants are not too sunned and maintain hydration on long road trips.  Check.

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