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  1. Carol Stevens says:

    O.K. Want a good challenge? We built our hourse 26 years ago and loving roses I planted numerous plants. Now two of my bushes are doing nothing but ‘sprawling’ and have teeny tiny colored roses on them that are alien to what I first saw on plant. Is this ‘Invasion of the rose bush snatchers’? I think they are trying to go back to their original ‘feral’ bush. I prune them appropriately but they still try to take over the Earth with their canes. Whatever am I to do? Panda’s mom

    • admin says:

      Hi Carol,

      Great question! The most likely reason those two rose bushes have changed in type from the original buds is due to an overgrowth of the rootstock plant. Many times, beautiful buds are grafted onto a more hardy rootstock base and over time, the rootstock takes over – possibly because of climate issues or the fact that the rootstock is almost too hardy. It sounds as if your bushes are now primarily of the rootstock variety; since they are small and ‘sprawling’, it is likely that they are a climbing variety. To keep the climbers in check, you will need to use a trellis or some type of support to keep the buds going in the direction you want. You may need to train them at first, but over time, they will get the idea and use the trellis to grow up rather than out. Hope that helps! K.

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