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The author is an equine surgeon with a passion for planting – so the title of the blog is quite accurate and a mental merging of her two loves.  She grew up in the Green Mountain State where she acquired her taste for keeping living things, both plant and animals, …. living.  She currently resides in the rainy state of Oregon where everything grows!

Author’s autobiography blog:

Attention to details comes from my mother, but my green thumb is purely passed down from my grandmother – a woman with so fortunate a green thumb that passers by on a scenic hi-way would stop to observe her driveway full of flowers.  The beginnings of my dabble into the planting scene came from rows of petunias outside my childhood home along with the token tulip and daffodil bulbs; which if you are familiar with gardening, are some of the easiest flowers to successfully cultivate into a large amount of blossoms.  The advice I received from my mother (which, incidentally and self-admittedly, was passed down from my grandmother): dig hole, apply small amount of water, plug in plant, cover with dirt, apply more water; works like a charm still today.  As a child, I remember my grandmother’s garden and house filled with flowers; pulling weeds, applying bark dust, covering plants during a frost, water vases filled with plant clippings in the kitchen.  I remember, with mild distaste, having to prune raspberry bushes which my grandmother loved so much that she had some of them transplanted to our backyard when she moved.  Unfortunately, I also have to admit that they were some of the best raspberries I have ever eaten and some of the best producing plants I’ve seen.  Clearly, my grandmother had a love of green things, so I can say I came by it honestly.

As I grew up, I had other interests – horses, studies, etc.- but my love of plants has persisted and now I find myself again invested in chlorophyll production.   I wish my grandmother were here to see how my investment pays off and to see the beautiful creations yet to come, but the irony of life marched on and as my passion took off, her days came to an end.  I take some solace in the fact that vivid images of my colorful garden gave her a semblance of peace in her last days here.  Hopefully I can impart upon the reader some of her insights into green thumb life as they have been passed down to me.

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  1. Carol Stevens says:

    Super writing and if I fertilize my Xmas cactus 5 weeks ahead of Xmas here in Oregon, it blooms for Xmas. I use good old Alaskan Fish Fertilizer.

    Panda’s mom

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